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Thank you for your interest in the AI Clan.

Some quick notes:   We do not have an age limit, but we do ask that you be mature.
When signing up, be sure to use the same name here, as you do in the forums.
Please note: Do not sign up if you have no intention of playing. You can still play without being a recruit. This enables you to find out if you would like to be a part of AI. Recruits will be deleted after a month unless you are actively playing and posting.

IMPORTANT: You will be closely monitored to find out if you are AI material. PLEASE use a valid email as we will be sending a confirmation to that address.

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Games I play: TF2    CS 1.6    CS Source    L4D    Other
I want to compete in: TF2    CS 1.6    CS Source    L4D
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  • Recruits are expected to follow all the rules of the server and the AI Clan Rules that members follow.
  • Recruits are not allowed to scrim with the teams unless invited by a team leader.
  • There is no set time for a recruit to wait to be voted on for full membership.  Only AI clan leaders may vote on recruits.  Recruit votes are posted only after your sponsor has requested that the vote be submitted and all members have had the opportunity to report their thoughts on your positions within the clan.  All votes for membership require a 100% yes vote for a recruit to become a full member.
  • Recruits will not receive full admin levels until they become members, but can still receive non-member loyalty rewards.
  • AI clan leaders may decide at any time to remove recruits from the clan.
  • Have fun.  Get to know the clan members.  Play often.  Visit the forums and post.  Follow the rules.  Keep it simple and you'll be a full member in no time.

* Indicate required fields. Applications without this information will not be accepted. In other words... if you fail to put your birthdate or e-mail, you won't be considered.

ALSO NOTE: You must use the same name here as you do in the forums.

By submitting this application, you agree to the terms described above.


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